The firm is in operations by a team of expert Chartered Accountants and Management Accountants who are experienced in the market and their value is already recognized to cover the upcoming demand of UAE market.

The team is fully expertise with UAE and International market who knows your business well and provides industry focused services to add value to your business.  Our team is able to provide more than the Audit, they are basically the advisors in the field of accounting and business to control the business by reducing the cost without compromising on quality and optimum utilizing the resources.  They can guide you well on each phase of business, while setting the cost, the acquision of products, Introducing and strengthening the products and control over non-moving items.

We know to work towards achievement while utilizing our expertise without playing with your business.

As an Auditor and Business Consultants in UAE we are focusing on investing in customer’s management to understand their business for the developments and controlling their unwanted costs besides achieving in unwanted numbers.

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Corporate Business Team
The Team is comprised of Senior Tax consultants, Audit Experts and Management Consultants who can attract start-ups, medium and large corporate clients that demand high skill individuals at an economical cost.

 High Value and Respect
Our top priority is to add high value in our services and to respect each other for achieving desired goals.  We are following the code of corporate governance, dedicated to providing excellence services with high calibre of professionals.

The confidentiality is strictly being monitored of each client and we don’t share information and data unless it’s allowed by the client in writing, or a legal liability arises to disclose the same.

Ethics and Integrity
Our ethics and integrity is to be bold, open and straight forwards while presenting the information and advice to our clients based on our experience and belief that its true to the best of or knowledge.

Our vision is to be among top 10 while working on each level of business by providing them step by step advice to succeed with our innovative ideas and multicultural environment.  We do complete bench marking while taking each step with full confidence both in appearance and contents.

The firm is missioned to provide high calibre professional and personalized services with state-of-the-art technology, ideas, options, and solutions to help our clients better manage their resources.  We as a firm are interested to build long term business relationships without arguing on prices and rate cards.  We have a belief the customer who are introduced to us will never be left unattended based on our tailor-made personalized services which will be driven in a time frame

Our Team

Shamaila Khalid

Company formation Specialist

Malik Mahmood

Partner Global Taxation

Sajid Javed

Company formation Specialist

Sheroz Abdul Sattar

Partner - Audit & AML Compliance

Let’s discuss about how we can help make your business better

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